If you are a Defense or Applicant’s attorney, or a self-insured employer or insurer and you have a complex or difficult non-carveout California workers’ compensation case that you want to settle or have not been able to get resolved, mediation is an effective and under-utilized option.  Mediation will provide a cost effective avenue to getting your case settled without the continued time and expense of litigation and the uncertainty of trial.

Robin Woolsey, mediator, has over 40 years’ experience in California workers’ compensation as a:

  • WCAB Judge (Retired)
  • Defense and Applicant’s attorney (including over 20 years as a Certified Specialist)
  • Information and Assistance Officer
  • Claims adjuster

Robin Woolsey has also represented clients in 3rd party cases on behalf of Plaintiffs, Defendants and Intervenors (subrogation), as well as Applicants and Defendants in Serious and Willful Misconduct, Labor Code 132a and Uninsured Employer cases.  As a WCAB Judge, he was effective in getting very difficult cases settled, understanding the legal, medical, practical and sometimes emotional issues involved on all sides.

Mediation is not simply about splitting the parties’ positions – anyone can do that.  Mediation is about understanding the complex legal and medical issues and dynamics of a case and assisting the parties in crafting an appropriate and fair settlement given the issues and evidence involved.  Robin Woolsey can do that for you and your case.